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Saturday November 17

Bye Bye Brody Vol IV: Long Form Reunion

It's true: we'll be closing our doors later this month. But we're making November a month of party shows--love letters from the Brody to everyone who has supported us over the years. There'll be lots of variety and surprises, with each edition a different kind of showcase of Brody talent past and present. Vol. 4 is "Long Form Reunion"--an improv show featuring performance by Brody Theater Ensemble Alumni and current members--a huge reunion show featuring "Portland Secrets" and "Convenience", two of our most popular formats

Show @ 7:30pm // Doors @ 7:00pm

$15 regular / $10 student, senior

Sunday November 18

THE LAST Diabolical Experiments (SOLD OUT)

ONE MORE TIME: We're going to say Bye Bye to DE in style with this special farewell show! Beau Brousseau hosts The best bang for your improv buck in town! It's our Sunday improv jam show, which attracts the best performers from all over the Portland area. They join Brody Theater veterans onstage in a very hot, very good, very funny improv session!

[This is the last edition of one of our most beloved shows, and it is now sold out! We'll be hanging out after to cry in our beers, so plan to stay a little late!]

Show @ 7pm // Doors @ 6:30pm

Thursday November 20

Standup Comedy Class Showcase

Members of our final Introduction to Standup Comedy class strut their stuff in their graduation show. (Followed by our final open mic--stay free for that after watching our newest crop of comics do their thing!

Show @ 7:30pm // Doors @ 7:00pm
$6 all seats


Tuesday November 20


One last time! The longest running open mic in own ends here! Established comics join the up and coming. Come to perform or watch the rising stars.

8:30pm (NOTE EARLIER START) // Doors at 8:20
FREE admission (one item minimum purchase. Open to all ages)

Performers: Click Here to Sign Up for Open Mic

Friday November 23

This is Not a Drill: Firedrill finale

For years, late night Sundays were the home of "Firedrill." our improv school's play night. Hundreds of performers got their first taste of the public stage in FD, and tonight will be a grand reunion! A ton of graduates of our training program, many now veteran performers, are dropping by for this Friday night tribute. FD founder Kerry Leek returns to direct the proceedings.-

Show @ 7:30pm // Doors @ 7:00pm

$12 regular / $9 student, senior

Saturday November 24

Bye Bye Brody Vol V: Lights Out

This is it, folks: the very last Brody Theater show! Come say Bye Bye Brody as we have a party on and off stage. There will be tons of improv by a huge cast of the best veteran improvisers in town, and we'll all be celebrating the 22 years the Brody has been an inspiration to the Portland improv community and a source of great enjoyment to our audiences. Hope you can be a part of it--grab your seats before theis one sells out!

Show @ 7:30pm // Doors @ 7:00pm

$15 regular / $10 student, senior