Brody Theater Cast  Brody Theater Cast
  • imageMarilyn Divine has been a member of the Brody Theater company since 1999. A known raconteur with an active internal life, she chose to channel her energies into the theater, rather than unleash them on the public at large. She also spends her time mastering the tonsorial arts, and is the proud mistress of four fantastically lucky quadrupeds.

  • imageTom Johnson is Artistic Director and founder of the Brody Theater. Tom has created, directed and performed in more than 35 different shows at the Brody, including Game Piece, Monologic, Citizens of Brodavia, Unite!, Service, and Human Textuality. He has also performed and/or taught in Kansas City, Chicago, Berlin, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Vancouver & Victoria, B.C., Graz, Austria, Slovenia, and at Seattle’s International Festival of Improvisation. Tom is a charter member of the international performance group Orcas Island Project. He is a fanatical collector of old movie posters and 8mm and 16mm films.

  • imageKerry Leek is a charter member of the Brody Company, and has appeared in every show from the 1996 Damn Dirty Apes through 2012’s Two Houses–in total over 700 performances in more than 40 different shows, as well as appearances at the festivals in Kansas City, Seattle, Chicago, Vancouver and Victoria BC, Amsterdam, and Ljubljana, Slovenia. She has no intention of slowing down, and is thrilled to be in her sixteenth season at the Brody. Kerry is very active in the swing dance community and is an avid Aikido student. She also loves crosswords and oatmeal cookies.

  • imageLisa DiDonato Brousseau joined the ensemble in 2003, having learned the art of improv in Brody classes. She has appeared in dozens of long-form shows over the years, with her favorite being “Girls! Girls! Girls!,” in which the women of the Brody tell personal stories and rock the stage. Lisa was invited to participate in the Seattle International Improv Festival and has been a guest performer with Brainwaves. She and her husband, Beau Brousseau, do a lot of improvising at home with their two sons, Leo and Jack, who remind them that playing is essential to living.

  • imageBeau Brousseau has been performing and loving improv since 1993. A New England native, he took his love of improv to Los Angeles in 1996. For the next eight years Beau worked with sketch & improvisational groups throughout the Los Angeles area, performing on the stages of The Comedy Store, The Ice House, The Laugh Factory, and Paris Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. 2004 brought Beau to Portland and to The Brody Theater. Other loves include almost anything from the 1970s and bacon.

  • imageDevin Harkness joined The Brody in 2003, and has been a regular performer in Micetro, Theatresports, and countless longform shows, plus full, non-stop performances in both of The Brody’s 24-Hour Improv-a-thons. In his quest to save the world through improv, Devin has worked with improvisers from Slovenia, Turkey, Colombia, South Africa, Australia, Japan, The Netherlands, and beyond. He has received improv training from Del Close, Keith Johnstone, Mick Napier, Armando Diaz, and Randy Dixon, including participation in the Seattle International Festival of Improvisation. When he is not inadvertently spreading zombifying plagues, Devin works as a school counselor.

  • imageAshley Dawson started her theater career in the 4th grade; her skinny lanky body was perfect to play the boy’s role of the Emperor in “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Contrary to popular belief, that was not her acting peak, only the beginning! She discovered improv at Washington State University with the student group Nuthouse, where she realized her dream of playing Batman, Zombies and the occasional dumb blonde. She has had the amazing opportunity to play with the Brody Theater since 2008, and is lucky to be surrounded by such a talented group of improvisers!

  • Mike Karras joined the Brody Ensemble in July of 2010 and has loved every minute since. He has appeared in My Country Tis Of Me, Super Secret Spy Team, Improvcalypse, TGI-Funday, Summer in Brodavia, Scary Movie, Tashi Jones Xmas Special, A Load of Hooey, Two Houses, Sprung! and one thousand iterations of Micetro. Mike gets frustrated at computers for a living and enjoys building things, playing music, kayaking, gardening, reading, writing and doing mad scientisty things.

  • imageRogan comes to The Brody Theater from the future. Rogan has been featured in such Brody shows as Rogan’s World Of Tomorrow, and Scary Movie. Fri, 20 Feb 2009 02:56:00 -0500